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Dog Training in Wolverhampton

Contact Cosford Dog Training

If you are interested in anything you have read invest the price of a phone call and ring for a chat.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Contact me, Fitz, on

01902 544315

07966 730589 any time

or e mail cosforddogs@sky.com

Please note that I can only be contacted by e mail between 9am on Sunday 15th June and 3pm on Monday 16th of June. Normal service will be resumed when my bloody phone has been replaced tomorrow.

More information is available on the Cosford Dog Training facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CosfordDogTraining

Training Timetable

Please note that all training is by prior appointment or booking on a course. We do not operate a drop in service. All dogs must have a record of innoculation. Unfortunately no certificate means no training. We do accept homeopathic innocs when issued via a recognised practitioner.

One To One Training

Recall Training/Loose lead walking by appointment any day except Sunday.

One to one training by appointment any day except Sunday afternoons.

Schedule for 2014

Bronze classes as notified to course members.

Next Puppy / Bronze course

The next Puppy / Bronze course with vacancies will be start on Saturday 5th of July 14 at 1.30pm. email cosforddogs@sky.com for details and an application form. This is an 8 week course and will take you and your dog through the KC puppy foundation course and onto the Bronze level. As with all the KCGCDS awards this is a nationally recognised standard. Please do so early as we usually have a waiting list, so if you wait till later you are likey to be disappointed.

Silver Course

The next silver course starts on Sunday 6th of July 14 at 3pm. The course lasts for 8 weeks. This is for dogs that have passed the bronze award. Places are limited. Please e mail cosforddogs@sky.comfor details and an enrolment.

Gold Course

A Gold course will be held in July/August 14 and will run for 8 weeks. Thisis for dogs that have passed their Silver course. Places are strictly limited. Please e mail cosforddogs@sky.com for details

Open Class

The open class starts at 3pm each Sunday. Places are limited so attendance is by prior arrangement only. This class will move to 4.30pm with effect from Sunday 13th of Apriol and will remain at this time throughout the summer.

Agility Classes

The next agility course will start in August 14. This course lasts for 8 weeks. This course aims to give you and your dog some fun without developing the highly exciteable behaviour that often accompanies such activities. It is recomended that your dog has attained a minimum of the GCDS bronze standard or equivalent.

Whilst the training will focus on low impact work agility can have an adverse effect upon your dog if undertaken before your dog has developed. Dogs should be 12 months old, depending upon breed. Please contact for details.

Skylarks Dog Grooming

Appointments available Monday to Friday. The first bathing and grooming of puppies is a speciality. Collection and return of your dog can be arranged. Discounted rates are available for those puppies that have attended the Puppy Course

More information is available on facebook https://www.facebook.com/CosfordDogTraining?ref=hll