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Dog Training in the Midlands M54 Junction 3

Introducing Cosford Dog Training

There is no magic to dog training, but there are very few highly knowledgeable and experienced trainers offering their services to you and your dog and an awful lot who know the basics, often very little more than you know yourself, but are prepared to take your money and give it a go.              

In my case I have been training dogs professionally for 34 years. You will note, not as a hobby which I have developed into a business, but as a professionally trained handler and trainer. In my opinion there is a significant difference. I began my career as a young dog handler in the Royal Air Force Police and ended it as the Senior Instructor at the Canine Training Squadron of the Defence Animal Centre; producing handlers and dogs for the RAF, Army, MOD Police and many other UK and overseas defence and law enforcement agencies in a wide range of disciplines.

If you want a professional service - go to a bona fide professional trainer, but please ensure you verify the credentials of anyone you employ and ensure those credentials are credible i.e. worth the paper they are written on and true. Would you believe some people tell porkies and exaggerate their qualifications and experience? Claiming to be a dog trainer is very easy, being one certainly isn't.

Very few trainers have the depth of experience I offer.  I am skilled in many techniques that work extremely effectively, but are progressive.  There is always a danger in sticking with old methods when a more modern approach may equally effective and kinder to your dog.  Dog training has evolved greatly since I began and whilst modern techniques have a great deal to offer, discarding established, proven techniques is often just as foolish as remaining stuck in the past.

Training that combines the best of all methods would appear to be the best way to train our dogs.  The bigger the toolbox the more likely you'll be to find the right tool and I've been assembling mine for 30 odd years, whilst Cosford Dogs has been refining it's training courses since 2000. 

Some trainers are good at the physical act of training a dog, but lack the depth of knowledge to address the underlying reason for the problem, so it will resurface later, or just take on a different form.

Others are extremely adept at identifying the problem, but are not proficient at implementing the solution, leaving you to go elsewhere.  Find a trainer with ability and a proven record in both departments.  If you are reading this, you have just found one!

But let's face it anyone can write a catchy line, so please speak with me directly and discuss the needs of you and your dog.  Maybe try a one to one session to see if you are happy with what I have to offer.

At Cosford Dogs you get good technical training supported by homework and written training material, providing you and your dog with a positive training experience. The training is delivered in a professional, but not a military manner. You will learn both technique and the theory behind it that leads to success.  Whilst it is hard work my aim is to make the training enjoyable for you and especially for your dog, because you are choosing to attend, Rover isn't.  So let's make sure he's happy whilst learning.