There is no magic to dog training, but there are very few highly knowledgeable and experienced trainers offering their services to you and your dog and an awful lot who know the basics..

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Selecting a Trainer

Selecting the correct trainer for you and your dog is extremely important. There is no body that states what qualifications your dog trainer must have..

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Methods and Philosophy

Very few trainers have the depth of experience I offer. I am skilled in many techniques that work extremely effectively, but are progressive and do not rely ..

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Introducing Cosford Dog Training

At Cosford Dog Training you get good technical training supported by homework and written training material, providing you and your dog with a positive training experience. The training is delivered in a professional, but not a military manner. You will learn both technique and the theory behind it that leads to success.

Success does not happen by accident. It comes about by combining knowledge, skill and hard work. I will provide this level of commitment to you and your dog, but I expect the same level of commitment

Whilst it is hard work, my aim is to make the training enjoyable for you and especially for your dog, because you are choosing to attend, Rover isn't. So let's make sure he's happy whilst learning.

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Professional Links

Cosford Dog Training has been delivering Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme courses since 2001

I am a member of the City & Guilds Institute of London which equates to Level 7 (Masters) on the national framework.

I am the General Secretary of the British Police and Services Canine Association

I am a trainer and examiner for the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers Security Division

I am a member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (M101/08)